Unleashing the Potential of the Metaverse: Insights from Our Pioneering Journey at iCareX

As a leading venture studio at the forefront of innovation, iCareX is always exploring new opportunities to harness the rapidly evolving metaverse landscape and support our clients’ growth. In our quest for excellence, we recently conducted extensive research into the most promising metaverse platforms, focusing on their monthly active user (MAU) base as a key metric of success. The results were illuminating, as we discovered that some of the largest metaverses by MAUs, including Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, and Zepeto, offer unique opportunities for businesses and creators to engage with massive user communities.

Of all the metaverse platforms we evaluated, Zepeto stood out as a particularly intriguing option. With over 20 million monthly active users, Zepeto is a social media game and a virtual world where users can create and customize their own avatars, known as Zepeto characters. In Zepeto, users can interact with each other, participate in various activities such as playing games, creating and exploring 3D worlds, and expressing themselves through digital fashion. One of the standout features of Zepeto is its digital fashion aspect, where users can purchase and trade virtual clothing items, accessories, and hairstyles for their avatars. The platform also offers in-game currency called Zem, which can be earned through various activities or purchased with real money. Additionally, Zepeto has a robust social media aspect, allowing users to connect with friends, join clubs, and participate in events. The platform also offers various customization options, such as the ability to decorate personal spaces and take photos and videos to share with the community.

Additionally, Zepeto boasts a demographic that is older compared to other popular metaverses like Fortnite and Roblox, making it especially appealing for businesses targeting consumers with disposable income and a high value for status within the community.

Empowered by our findings, we decided to embark on a deep dive into Zepeto and tap into its potential as a metaverse platform. Our journey was a resounding success, as we quickly established ourselves as a prominent creator on the platform and attracted nearly 5,000 users in a matter of weeks. Our secret to success was our proprietary pipeline for designing and creating 3D digital fashion items, which were highly sought after by Zepeto users.


The popularity of digital fashion items, such as those available on Zepeto, reflects the growing trend of people seeking to express themselves and showcase their personal style in the digital world. Digital fashion items, especially on Zepeto where they can be easily integrated into one’s avatar and virtual experiences, offer a unique and accessible way for users to express their creativity and personalize their online presence. Additionally, the trading and exchanging of these items within the platform creates a sense of community and engagement for users, further driving demand for digital fashion on Zepeto and similar platforms.

Our expertise in this field enabled us to hire and train top-notch 3D designers who were able to deliver high-quality digital fashion items that met the platform’s technical and style guidelines. Our strategy of offering these items at an affordable price quickly attracted a large and loyal customer base, showcasing the tremendous potential for creating new brands in the digital fashion space.

At iCareX, we are passionate about leveraging our expertise and experience to help our clients succeed in the metaverse. Our journey into Zepeto is a great example of our capabilities, as we were able to establish a strong presence on the platform and grow our following within a short time frame. Our low-cost, high-impact approach is a testament to the opportunities available to businesses looking to break into the world of digital fashion and the metaverse.

Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities the metaverse has to offer. Partner with iCareX, a trusted and experienced leader in the field, and unleash the full potential of your business in this rapidly growing space.

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