The science-backed transcriptomic reports

The science-backed transcriptomic reports

At iCareX, we were driven by a passion to improve the lives of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. That’s how the idea of iExpression, a platform we built to provide physicians and rheumatoid arthritis patients with science-backed transcriptomic reports, came about.

As we began building iExpression, we knew that the key to success was in understanding the needs of physicians and patients. We consulted with experts in the field of rheumatology and transcriptomics to gain a deep understanding of the challenges that patients and physicians face when it comes to treating rheumatoid arthritis.

With this information, we set out to create a platform that would provide a personalized approach to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by performing bulk or single-cell RNA analysis of blood and/or synovial tissue contained within the joints. This analysis linked gene expression (RNA) to the increased effectiveness and reduced toxicity of available drugs, whether traditional or biological.

To support this, our research team collected numerous scientific papers that demonstrate the value of personalized treatment approach for rheumatoid arthritis. We also developed a user-friendly interface that allows physicians to easily access and interpret the information provided by the platform.

Building iExpression was a challenging but rewarding experience. We are proud of the platform we created, and we believe that platforms like iExpression may have a significant impact on the lives of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in the close future.

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