AI-based process automation to improve energy efficiency of industrial production

AI-based process automation can help to improve the energy efficiency of industrial production plants by up to 15%, implementing monitoring, control, and optimization strategies. iCareX solutions support running processes at their optimum operating point to minimize energy consumption for target production and quality.


compressed air

AI models of electrical and compressed air consumption + real-time alerts of consumption, resulting in pressure loss reduction and half of the compressed flow rate required.

Crushing and grinding

Crushing and grinding optimization, managing crusher feed rate and loading to maximize throughput and reduce energy/ CO2 per tonne.

Pulp Digester

Pulp Digester Optimization to minimise the energy required to generate steam and bleaching chemicals downstream is needed.

OUR five steps

iCareX solutions leverage, in a data science study, AI & Human Intelligence to deliver data-driven insights and improve energy performances through AI-based process optimization, delivered in 5 steps:
1. Data collection
Collect energy and production line data
2. AI Modeling
Process the data and train the AI model to fit and simulate the process, defining the optimal energy consumption level for the manufacturing line over time.
3. Gaps analysis
Check the AI simulation against final real consumption data to spot consumption gaps. Analyse the gaps to identify the key variables that influence the process and cause the shift.
4. Planning & Optimisation
Involve stakeholders to define key actions over the identified variables to optimize the process and deliver savings.
5. Monitor & keep improving
Monitor the updated process and keep tuning it for higher and higher returns.

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