Improveing human health and well-being through easy-to-access AI-based precision nutrition

We harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to develop personalized nutrition plans based on eating habits, diseases, symptoms, treatments, lab values, and lots of other information provided by multiple devices and integrations.

Liferapy APP


Liferapy solutions aim to collect hundreds of personal information to characterize the user profile in a holistic way. To do this, we developed a mobile app and other integrated systems that leverage gamification logic to engage users.


We own two large knowledge maps, created by our team of Nutritionists and Biotechnologists, that include thousands of scientific evidences and thousands of foods and recipes with related micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients


We developed AI algorithms that, by leveraging food-pairing and long-life learning logics, generate thousands of evolution scenarios to deliver the perfect nutritional plan starting from user data and knowledge maps


Precision nutrition is a field that leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that help people achieve optimal health and support self-realization, both within the realm of health and beyond it. Liferapy brand-new technology expects to disrupt the market by empowering common meal planning and dietary intake practices with accessible precision nutrition and artificial intelligence. The solution is to use artificial intelligence, fuelled by thousands of cutting-edge scientific evidences (collected by our team) and hundreds of user information provided through an easy-to-use app to offer a free and fully accessible precision nutrition plan. The AI breakthrough: day after day, Liferapy will tell you exactly what to eat. Not the opposite.

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