iCareX 10 Insights on the Zepeto Metaverse: An Inside Look at the Next Generation Social Economy

The Zepeto Metaverse is a fascinating place, where users can create avatars and interact with others, taking part in challenges and simulations, and even marry one another. In this article, we’ll be presenting 10 unique insights we have got from researching and building on Zepeto, providing a view into its economyinfluencer culturefashion and design, and much more. Get ready to dive into the metaverse and see what all the buzz is about!

  1. Zepeto is a true economy with its own currency (zems) that enables the exchange of goods and services. 5000 zems are equivalent to approximately 100 dollars.
  2. It is populated by influencers who influence consumer choices, as happens in real life. Did you know about Korean idols? They have live streams with their avatars and interact continuously with their fans, who in exchange make donations in the form of Zems (does Twitch remind you of something?).
  3. Everyone on Zepeto can be what they can’t be in real life. For example, Asians love to represent themselves with similar features to Westerners (extremely tall, muscular males and well-endowed women).
  4. It is a social network and as such is affected by social trends. Usually a trend on Zepeto goes viral after it has become viral on TikTok.
  5. Zepeto sticks you to the screen. Users spend an excessive number of hours on Zepeto, thanks also to the mechanism of continuous notifications. This is a key factor for companies that want to sponsor their products and services in the metaverse, as exposure is much higher than on other social networks.
  6. With the “Zepeto Studio” feature, you can design anything (clothes, objects, makeup, etc.) and monetize it. 2D design is at the mercy of everyone, while 3D design is more complex and still practiced by only a few. We used to make 3D designs following complex rigging processes and the integration of special effects to make the outfit unique and suitable for the environment and context of Zepeto.
  7. You can create worlds and simulate real experiences within them (what if I told you that you can live as Disney’s Little Mermaid for a day?). Zepeto users love worlds that feature special challenges (e.g. obstacle course to be overcome to reach a goal) … does SquidGame sound familiar to you?
  8. To be noticed in worlds, you have to dress fashionably and stand out from the crowd. It’s not enough to be an avatar, you have to be a special avatar. Users love to show themselves off by dancing and singing (yes, on Zepeto you can karaoke with your friends 🙀).
  9. Does it sound crazy? Know that there are people who get married on Zepeto. This speaks volumes about how much importance is now being given to virtual life compared to real life. After all … is there really a difference?
  10. If you’re not yet convinced of how game-changing the metaverse is … know that Gucci, Zara, Ralph Lauren, and other brands are already establishing themselves. And musical bands like BTS or BlackPink are now true idols of Zepeto.

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